OMAHA, Neb. -- -

The Virginia Cavaliers open the final series against Vanderbilt on Monday night.

Some families have called Omaha home for nearly two weeks.

The journey from Charlottesville to Omaha is 1,186 miles. The Cavaliers have some accommodations at the four-star Hilton. But their parents, not so much. They are four miles away in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Thirteen RVs make up Hooville as pitcher Brandon Waddell's dad, Chuck, serves as Mayor of this makeshift village in the parking lot of the Horseshoe Casino.

“We've been together now for almost two years being that my son is a second year,” Chuck Waddell said. “These parents have all been together and we decided we wanted to stay together especially for this experience. So we were able to put together these RVs and have a great time out here. It's been an adventure every single day.”

Joe McCarthy said: “Our Kids are best friends and I think that's such a big part of why they're doing so well is we all get along.”

It's a journey that is now in its 12th day. Fun has been the name of the game and there's still more on the way before they all go their separate ways later this week.