Thursday is the biggest day of the year for soccer fans around the world -- the beginning of the World Cup.

Thanks to a group of fans, Roanoke will be cheering on Team USA loudly.
Ryan Hambright helped organize a chapter of the American Outlaws in Roanoke.

Membership includes a t-Shirt, stickers, and other pieces of Americana.

There are several chapters across the country and the one in Roanoke will watch games at Flannery's Pub in Roanoke.

Hambright says he's excited to bring a European soccer-viewing feel to Roanoke.

“The whole European soccer thing to come in and sing your national anthem and to chant and to sing and to be able to do it with a bunch of people around here is fantastic,” American Outlaws founder Ryan Hambright said.

Hambright says the group already has over 100 people signed up.

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