For over 20 years the Roanoke Star Soccer Club has packed its bags and headed over the pond to Denmark and Sweden.

The elite travel club, will play in the Gothia cup tournament in Gothenburg, Sweden bringing over 16-hundred teams together from 87 different countries.

Both boys and girls teams will participate in the Cup.

Before then they'll play in Copenhagen Denmark in a variety of friendly matches before heading to the world's largest youth soccer tournament which starts July 14th.

“We started it back in 1992 and we’ve gone every year since then,” said the club director, Danny Beamer. “It’s just a phenomenal trip.”

But this trip isn’t all about soccer. The players are exposed to a variety of countries and nationalities.

Beamer added, “There’s a cultural aspect to [the tournament]. Lots of times American’s don’t meet kids from other countries outside of Canada and North America.”