“Everyone was saying shoot and I was like, ‘Why’?”

Sa'Mone Moore has spent her years at Covington High School making history and putting up record-breaking numbers.

“I didn't really understand what was going on,” said Moore. “[Coach] Pifer pulled me over to the side and said you’ve got three points left.”

The senior passed the two-thousand point mark this season.

But her contributions to the Cougars go beyond the stat sheet and into the intangibles she's offered.

“[She’s a] Quality kid,” said Head Coach mark Pifer. “She's been our leader for four years and when we start working on things this summer and in November, I'm going to turn around and she's not going to be there and I'm not sure how I'm going to handle that.”

As a freshman, Moore was named a team captain, leading a program that had lost 55-straight games in recent history.

The 5-8 senior grew up playing the sport among family and friends. Which has made the journey, more enjoyable.

“It's always competition between family,” added Moore. “We go to the high school and shoot and my mom will come out and shoot even though she's not that good.”

Moore has two offers to continue her basketball career. Division 2 Concord University and Division 3 Eastern Mennonite. She says she hopes to have a decision made in the near future.