UVA fans are counting down to game time as the Cavaliers get set to face Michigan State on Friday night.

The Virginia faithful will certainly be watching the game, and some fans decided to make the trip up to see the game in person.

For many basketball fans, being able to see your team play on a stage like this -- in person -- is priceless. You hit the road or hop on a plane and hope you can figure out the rest when you get there.

"Don't actually have a ticket right now so we're going to try to find something before the game and see what we can come up with,” UVA Graduate and Roanoke native Kevin Burcham said.

Even without tickets to the game, Burcham said it's a trip he just had to make.

"There's a group of friends that all went to college together and we kind of pieced it together this week actually,” Burcham said. “It was kind of a last minute trip. We all wanted to get together and experience this. It doesn't happen every day."

In fact it's been nearly two decades since the Cavaliers found themselves this far in the NCAA Tournament. The last time UVA made it to the Sweet 16 was in 1995 -- something Burcham remembers well.

"My sister was at school at UVA and we were visiting her and I still remember hearing people watching the game from their dorm rooms,” Burcham said. “They had their windows open and people cheering as we beat the Kansas Jayhawks. So hopefully we'll have a reason to cheer again today."