It's the shot heard around the internet today, and it happened in Roanoke County.

Something pretty spectacular happened in a basketball game between William Byrd and Cave Spring last night.

Marvey'o Otey is a senior guard at William Byrd. All he was trying to do was chase down a bad pass.  That's when it happened.

"I had no words. I was like, 'Did that actually just go in?'" teammate Bradley Newman said.

"I was like 'I don't even know what happened,' I hear everybody cheering but I was like I don't even know what I did," said Otey.

"We went through it about three or four times today, about the dynamics of the whole thing. It's a memory maker," said Athletic Director Crystal Worley.

In the fourth quarter, down by 6 points, Bradley Newman got a rebound, saw his teammate Marvey'o Otey open, and threw the ball.

It just wasn't a good pass.    

Marvey'o Otey caught up with it.

What he did next is the talk of sports blogs across the country.

Running at a full sprint and with one hand, Otey caught the ball, swung it around his back and sunk a once in a lifetime shot.

"Right when I caught up to it, it just came and it kept bouncing, I was like running for it and I was trying to get it like this to get it back to somebody to make it like a quick bucket or something. Then I just fully extended my arm and it just went up," Otey recalled.

Fortunately, the door to the gym was open. After Otey flung the ball, and was in the lobby when it went in.

Otey didn't know he made the shot until he came out of the game a few minutes later.

Otey's little brother told him what he did.

"I was like "Did I make that?" he was like 'yeah,'" Otey said laughing, "I honestly thought I went behind the back to somebody and they made like a layup or a 3 or something."

It's the video gone viral.  Not bad for a bad pass.

Cave Spring still won the game, but it's a memory that's put one unsuspecting student athlete on the national stage.


William Byrd basketball player Marvey'o Otey made an improbable shot Tuesday night against Cave Spring High School, and he didn't even get to see it go in.

As Otey was saving the ball from going out of bounds, he threw the ball behind his back, and it somehow went in.

Otey didn't even get to see the shot because his momentum carried him through an open door in the gym.

Despite the wild shot from Otey, William Byrd fell to Cave Spring, 76-69.

Popular sports blogs Deadspin and The Big Lead have posted links to Otey's shot on their websites.

William Byrd wild shot video

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