Hokie Stone leggings created by Virginia Tech student

Hokie Stone leggings created by Virginia Tech student, benefiting Relay for Life

straight street

shelter for human trafficking victims

Youth Concussions

Concussions are the topic, and Roanoke County Parks and Rec has a protocol in place to protect your little athlete.

Air 7: Boones Mill

Air 7 got an aerial view of Wood's Farm in Boones Mill.

Cool People Doing Cool Things, Wednesday 7/12

Our newest segment is called Cool People Doing Cool Things. Today, we took a look at iCan Shine, a camp to teach children who have special needs how to ride a bike. Also, a woman's rescue dog is coming to her rescue as she undergoes chemotherapy.

Smith Mountain Lake boat safety

We know how dangerous holiday celebrations on the water can be.Just some concerns include hot weather, rocky waves, and alcohol.

Roanoke Transportation Museum 611 train

People got a look inside the cab and a member from the 611 crew explained how the steam locomotive works.For a twenty five dollar donation visitors got to even pull the whistle!


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