Tuesday Feb 13 Noon Appcast

Chilly temps stick around today, but warmer temps and more rain are on the way.

7@Four: Colonial History

Get ready for an opportunity to take a trip back in time -- to the Colonial era!

7@Four: Tea Making Workshop

Bright and savory or earthy and rich? How do you like your tea? Here to help us create our own teas is Jovan Rahsman, with Queenpin Family Wellness.

Heart Health

February is recognized as American heart month. Because of that, Carilion doctors want to educate more people about issues that impact the heart.

Danville mayor opting to retire

Danville's mayor is retiring after nearly 46 years in public service.

Active shooter preparedness

As our nation heals from the recent school shooting, people in our area are trying to find solutions to prevent violence.

Officer-involved shooting

State police is investigating an officer-involved shooting that happened in Lynchburg early Saturday morning.


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