It was exactly one year ago today (July 10) that nearly four inches of rain fell between 3 and 4 p.m. on July 10, 2013 in what turned out to be one of the wettest July days in Roanoke history.

Just a week before, heavy rain and flash flooding had put parts of Downtown Roanoke underwater. Williamson Road near the Civic Center became a lake with motorists stranded on either side. Click here to see pictures. This time, the flooding was focused over northwest Roanoke.

July 10, 2013 Rainfall Radar

Shortly after after 3 p.m. radar showed a nearly stationary cluster of storms over the Roanoke Valley. Around 3:15, the heavy rain began pushing Peters Creek out of its banks, with water flooding low-lying areas.  The rain wasn't nearly as heavy in Downtown Roanoke, where just a week before was in the same situation.


Nineteen children and two adults were evacuated using boats from Rainbow Christian Learning Center on Peters Creek Road. Click here to see video.

That day, Roanoke Fire/EMS conducted more than 28 water rescues, including two women who when rising water lifted their car off the road and were left unable to drive.

Roanoke saw the wettest July on record, with 12.73" recorded at Roanoke Regional Airport for the month. More than 10" of that fell within the first ten days.


The following day, parts of Lynchburg were flooded when a stationary storm dropped more than 3.50" in a little over an hour. Unfortunately, the event will never make the record books since it missed the official rain gauge at the Lynchburg Regional Airport, a little over a mile away. Click here to see video.