As the saying goes, March comes "In like a lion, out like a lamb." If the models prove to be correct, this may hold true this year.

As I've discussed during my TV weathercasts and the weather discussions online, we are in a pattern that is very favorable for snow storms. We have the northern jet bringing cold air south, and the southern jet guiding storms and moisture our way. When the two come together, or phase, we can get some decent snow events.

While we'll see several opportunities this week for lighter snow events from clippers, the first week of March appears to be the best chance for seeing a significant snow across the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast.

Today (Tuesday) the EURO, GFS and now the Canadian models are "seeing" the same thing, a possible winter storm sometime during the March 5-7 time frame.

Below is the European model. Remember, this is NOT a forecast, rather model guidance which gives us an idea of what MAY happen if conditions come together. You don't look at one or two models. You look at LOTS of them to put together a good forecast.

European Model - Snowfall through Mar 6

The GFS also shows the potential of a developing snow event late next week. Again, amounts are inconsequential this far out, but you get the idea that this would be more than a "coating" as some of the ones will be this week.

GFS Model - Snowfall through March 6

We will monitor the model trends this week and see what happens. Sometimes, the models showcase big events then back off in future runs, or shift the overall track. However, that wasn't the case for the last big snow.

 The pattern is prime for wintry weather. After all, the groundhog DID say 6 more weeks of winter. I'm counting down.