Limited rain during November has left much of Virginia in a rainfall deficit of an inch or more for the month.


Short-term precipitation deficits during the last 60 days and low streamflows led to expansion of areas of Abnormally Dry status for areas along the Blue Ridge Mountains and Valley and Ridge region of Virginia, extending across the border into the eastern Panhandle of West Virginia.

The U.S. Drought Monitor is a report issued weekly to review dry weather regions and update on the status of local, regional and national drought conditions.

While the region isn't in an official drought, we are what's considered abnormally dry. The area now includes the Greater Roanoke Valley, 220 corridor from Botetourt into Franklin and Henry counties, and toward Lynchburg and Danville.

The "abnormally dry" area more than doubled in a week with low rainfall amounts. Below is the Drought Monitor for November 5th. You can compare the graphics (above and below) to see the dry area expanded west into the Roanoke and New River Valleys. 

October is typically one of the least rainiest months for the region, last month was drier than average.


Precipitation Forecast - NEXT 8-14 DAYS

Below average precipitation is forecast the next 8-14 days. A series of cold fronts will approach the region with limited moisture. 

Precipitation Forecast - NEXT 8-14 DAYS