If you're not a big fan of the summer heat, be patient.

An unusually strong cold front will push through the region Tuesday followed by almost fall-like air from Wednesday through Saturday. Low dew points, or much drier air, will also reside over the region through the week. This will mean lower humidity and almost an early fall feel.

Afternoon temperatures will be  10-15° below average starting Wednesday. Average July highs for Roanoke are around 88°. 

Daytime minimum high records are probably safe, but overnight lows may be challenged in a few areas.

The coolest daytime high for Roanoke was back on July 24, 2000. The difference is, an inch of rain fell during that time, so it was a cloudy day. This time around, skies will be blue and no rain is forecast for the middle of the week.

The coolest days of this stretch will likely be Friday and Saturday, because of an increased chance of showers and more cloud cover.

Below are the coolest daytime highs along with the coolest overnight lows that have been recorded at the regional climate stations.