Covington DJ remembers a special meeting with Charlie Daniels

Published: Jul. 9, 2020 at 5:06 PM EDT
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COVINGTON, Va. (WDBJ) - 103.5 Big Country is the country music station in Covington.

So when Charlie Daniels died this week, it was only natural that “Big Al” Howard, the voice of the station, would take notice.

It was personal for Al. He met Daniels in 2008.

“Of course, I was involved in the production of the show coming in,” He remembers. “You know, I was going to be introducing him on stage and got the chance to meet him backstage.”

It became a special moment.

“And what I had brought with me was my brother’s guitar, that had come back from Iraq from his personal effects,” Howard explained.

His brother Ryan, a Marine, died in Iraq. He had the guitar with him, relaxing by picking out tunes.

It’s a loss that still hits hard.

“To be able to share that story with Charlie Daniels meant a lot to me,” Howard said, pausing to gather himself. “And to have my brother’s guitar signed by Charlie Daniels, and now both of them are gone, it means even more.”

Especially after what came next.

“And after he signed it, he stood up and said: Man, I’ve got to give you a hug,” said Big Al. “And for him to do that just meant a lot to me because I wasn’t a radio personality at that time, and Charlie realized that.”

Leaving a treasured memory along with a special artifact.

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