Altavista on Track seeks expansion along Main Street

Published: Jul. 17, 2020 at 4:10 PM EDT
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ALTAVISTA, Va. (WDBJ) - “It’s been sort of hard to really bring people downtown,” said Eduardo Soto, Altavista on Track president.

But this could soon become easier.

Altavista on Track is a non-profit that markets downtown Altavista. They also aim to bring in more businesses and foot traffic.

Tuesday, town council gave the organization the OK to apply for an expansion request to help better impact the community.

“What type of impact were we doing to the greater community? And so we decided as a board that we thought, alright, let’s see if we can extend all the way down Main Street,” said Soto.

But what would this mean for these businesses in town?

“What are some design things we can do to make the downtown more attractive to walking? What are ways we can attract small businesses to fill some of the vacant buildings? What are ways we can find funding and support to help renovate if need be?” said Kirsten Aherron, Altavista on Track Main Street coordinator.

Solutions to these questions are what Altavista on Track seeks to do as they plan to expand down Main Street.

They say that revitalization would be of no direct cost to businesses.

“There is no cost for the businesses. We are simply here to facilitate that revitalization and we are not asking businesses for money,” said Aherron.

They also say that by expanding, they could bring in a more diverse group of people to their organization.

They’d be able to create more relationships with businesses and get more community input.

“People of color and others who are of different economic statuses,” said Soto. “And we really wanted to reach out to them and embrace them and encourage them to continue in their entrepreneurial enterprises and find ways that we can support them.”

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