Father of murdered Roanoke woman speaks out on one-year anniversary

Published: Jul. 17, 2020 at 8:58 PM EDT
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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) - It’s been one year since Kyyona Casey was murdered with Justin Jennings. We’ve followed their cases since the beginning, and spoke with Bobbie Casey, the father of Kyyona, a few months after she was killed.

”You know it’s sad to be a parent, and it’s hard to be a parent, you never want to go through something like this. And its irritating, frustrating and everything,” Casey said Friday.

He’s been playing a waiting game since July 17, 2019, when she was shot in a car on Orange Avenue. Kyyona was just 21 years old.

”People always say Black Lives Matter, but let’s look at it like this, my daughter’s life matters,” said Casey.

But in the last year, Casey says it hasn't always felt like she matters. According to Casey, the last communication he's had with the Roanoke Police detective working his daughter's case was between 3 and 4 months ago.

When we sat down with the chief of the Roanoke Police Department, Sam Roman, Thursday, we specifically asked him about Kyyona’s case.

“Obviously I’m not in a position to mention any updates or anything like that, obviously because we want to keep the integrity of the case. My sole endeavor is to make sure that family receives justice and anything I say beyond that, could jeopardize that,” said Roman.

Roman added, though, that his officers reach out to family members and keep them up to date on any progress made.

Casey, however, wants things to move faster.

”I ain’t heard nothing, I don’t know nothing, don’t know who did it, I just want to know who did it. I even hired me a private investigator,” said Casey.

Casey’s daughter was set to testify against Marcus Clark, who was charged with the first degree murder of Rashard Jessup. That charge was later dropped due to a “witness issue.”

Casey added he hears from friends and family members all the time, asking if Casey has heard anything about Kyyona.

But that’s his current plea, that someone comes forward.

”Someone knows something, they’re just not talking,” said Casey.

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