Lexington ice cream shop is busy in hot weather

Published: Jul. 20, 2020 at 6:20 PM EDT
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LEXINGTON, Va. (WDBJ) - It’s been a busy couple weeks at Sweet Things in downtown Lexington.

“That’s a good position to be in,” said owner Chris Williams.

When the thermometer approaches 100 degrees, people start looking for relief, and that means the folks in this ice cream shop, where everything is made in house – Williams was making blueberry sherbet Monday morning – have been working as much in back as in front.

“The demand is such that it sells almost as soon as I make it,” Williams said. “And people have all their specific best flavors that they like, their favorites, and it’s just hard to keep those particular ones on the shelf, you know, on demand.”

Anything Oreo is on the top of the list.

Williams said, “Those we probably sell three to one over the other flavors.”

But keeping anything in stock on these hot days means he’s making ice cream as fast as he can.

“We sell it as soon as we make it,” he said. “So basically what I make that morning we probably sell that day.”

COVID means there are not only masks for the staff, but no one allowed in the small shop.

Instead, customers are served out a new window in the front door, touch-free, generating a few complaints.

“It’s hard to keep everybody happy, but we do the best we can and it’s ice cream so nobody’s that upset,” Williams said. “There’s always something to please everybody.”

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