Radford University students begin move-in process during pandemic

Published: Aug. 2, 2020 at 8:22 PM EDT
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RADFORD, Va. (WDBJ) - College students are slowly making their way back to the New River Valley, with Radford University’s move-in starting this weekend.

The move-in process is very different in the middle of a pandemic. The traditional bins on wheels could not be used in order to eliminate the spread of germs. Moving is done with personal carts and all by hand.

“This is my fourth trip,” said freshman Bryson Dansberry.

Dansberry comes from Suffolk and is at Radford to play baseball.

“I committed back in my sophomore year, a couple years back, so none of this COVID stuff was going on,” he said. “Even with COVID going on I think I would still pick Radford University to play baseball at.”

Dansberry said he never imagined his first year of college looking like this.

“Never even thought I’d live through a pandemic, it’s crazy,” he said. “But yeah, it happens, so we have to work with it.”

Move-in is much quieter and not as chaotic. Students and their families book three-hour appointments to avoid overcrowding and to adhere with public health guidelines.

“It’s been going great so far,” said VP for Student Affairs Susan Trageser. “It’s always a fun time regardless of how move-in looks and we’re happy to have everyone back on campus and get started with the semester.”

The process is usually squished into a weekend, but is now spread out over 11 days.

“Students are showing up, they’re getting tested and we’re asking them to quarantine as much as possible until they receive their results,” Trageser said.

Usually Peters Hall serves as the education school, but during move-in it’s where students are getting COVID-19 tests. Only those coming from hotspots are required to get them.

Dansberry was one of the students who had to get a test.

“He just swabbed my nose twice,” he said. “It was a shorter stick going up my nose, but it was better this time.”

The August heat still got to some students. We found freshmen Kyndall Stanley and Tori Boyd laying in the shade next to their cart.

“I’m definitely feeling it, yeah, it’s exhausting,” Boyd said.

The roommates say they’re ready to have somewhat of a normal college experience.

“Sulking around at the fact that everything was ruined won’t really do anything,” Stanley said. “I think just the way that Radford has set everything up it should be super safe and I’m still getting to do some in-person classes so I’m still getting an education like pretty normal.”

Move-in appointments continue through next Tuesday, with in-person classes beginning Wednesday, August 12.

“It’s a big change, but we’re all working with it,” Dansberry said.

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