Horse rescued from hole in Botetourt County

Published: Aug. 25, 2020 at 6:36 PM EDT
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BOTETOURT COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ) - Fire and Rescue crews were gathered around, a tent providing shade for a horse, an eight-year-old gelding, trapped bottom-down in a hole he couldn’t get out of.

“About seven to eight foot down in the hole in the field here,” explained Botetourt Fire and EMS Chief Jason Ferguson.

Despite all the company, it was one unhappy animal, uncertain what to do next.

A vet brought sedation, and others helped with heavy equipment to widen the hole to help with an exit.

“We actually utilized some heavy equipment from just down the street here with our local VDOT shop because they’re neighbors,” Ferguson said. “And in a pinch when we need things for an emergency like this we try to all come together and coordinate to get it done.”

And so they did, as the sleepy horse came out of the hole for a quick check.

“You know, it’s about an every six month-ish type of event here in the country between a horse-and-a-cow-type of scenario,” according to Ferguson. “We’d like them to be rarer than that. We’d like them to not happen at all.”

After a bit of a rest, the horse was up and ready for a drink.

Owners say the hole had been there a while, but had unexpectedly grown deeper recently. It was of course filled in before authorities left.

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