Bath County schools start classes

Published: Aug. 27, 2020 at 5:31 PM EDT
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MILLBORO, Va. (WDBJ) - Bath County schools opened Wednesday with in-person teaching as well as remote.

Students from kindergarten to high school are having to learn many new rules in their classrooms as they’ve made some changes to adapt to COVID.

“It’s different,” said Allison Hicklin, Millboro Elementary’s principal. “We’re all learning the rules, but everybody is happy to be back.”

The county only has four cases, and was the last in the state to see COVID, but with young schoolkids like those in Millboro Elementary, precautions have to be adapted to the audience.

“We were all pleasantly surprised at how cautious they were,” Hicklin said. “They wear the mask coming into the building and any time they’re in a common area. When they’re in their classroom, and they’re six feet apart from everybody, they are allowed to remove it. But the kids were great about remembering to put it back on when they moved in the classroom and when they moved in the hallways.”

The kindergarten is in the cafeteria now, to make enough room, and lunch, like teachers, comes to the classroom rather than the other way around.

“Our PE teacher, our music teacher, our art teacher travels to the classroom, or I guess for PE they’re traveling outside,” Hicklin explained. “We’re doing as much outside as we can just to get them the fresh air, the distance, and the movement.”

But it’s still school, something these grade schoolers haven’t been at since March.

“It’s been amazing how well these little guys have responded,” said Hicklin. “I almost think because they’ve been home for so long and they’re so excited to be back, they’re willing to do anything we ask.”

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