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Published: Aug. 27, 2020 at 4:03 PM EDT
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WDBJ7 Internship Program

8-Week Maximum - 240-Hour Minimum

Click here for the internship application.

The WDBJ7 internship will be a maximum of 8 weeks and a minimum of 240 hours. During the first four weeks, the interns will rotate between the sales, engineering, marketing and news departments. They will spend one week with each department. After the four rotations are complete, the supervisor will place the intern in a specific department for the remainder of their internship.

News Rotation

The News portion of this internship will focus on two specific areas, reporting and producing. Each day, the intern will be paired with a producer or a multimedia journalist. While working with a producer, the intern will learn how to write for broadcast news. If they are selected to work with the News department for the second half of the internship, they will have the opportunity to create a portfolio of news scripts based on actual news events. While working with a multimedia journalist, the intern will go out in the field and observe what it takes to put together a news story start to finish. If selected to work with the News department for the second half of the internship, they may also be given the opportunity to record themselves on camera and write news packages for their personal reel.

Promotions Rotation

As an intern in the Promotions Department, candidates will learn how to market and brand a local TV station. This includes having the opportunity to practice writing effective teases and observe the editing process. They will learn how graphics are designed and how promos are trafficked. Candidates will also be able to learn about all aspects of our community projects.

IT/Engineering Rotation

In the IT department, candidates for internships can learn about various aspects of network administration such as bandwidth management, security, Active Directory Group Policy management, file storage and backup, user management, project management and more. Also interns will see the process of various support functions of the IT department such as computer equipment maintenance and repair, database maintenance, help desk functions and the interaction between our corporate parent and WDBJ’s staff.

Interns will also spend time with the Engineering and Master Control departments. In Engineering, they will experience the day-to-day maintenance required in a digital broadcast facility, as well as gain an understanding of the signal flow and equipment necessary to keep WDBJ on the air. Master Control will give them an inside look at the “heart” of the station- from incoming satellite feeds, to digital ingestion, to our final product being sent out over the airwaves.

Sales Rotation

During the Sales portion of this internship, the intern will shadow Account Executives. They will learn what it take to secure sales appointments, go on sales calls, produce commercials and craft a presentation. They will also observe the backend work that goes into managing a book of business. In addition, the intern will have the opportunity to learn about the traffic department.

They will learn how to process ad copy, ingest advertising buys and manage inventory. The intern will also have the opportunity to work directly with Sales Managers as they manage sellable inventory, work on pacing and prepare for sales meetings.


An internship with WDBJ7 will provide training opportunities similar to training that would be provided in an educational environment. Training opportunities will include observations of various operational functions of the Station as well as hands-on experience where appropriate.

The experience of a WDBJ7 internship is for the benefit of the intern. Individuals must be interested in a career in broadcasting or the media and be pursuing a course of study in a related field.

The WDBJ7 internship is designed to offer an excellent opportunity to educate individuals interested in the broadcast industry and the operations of television stations. Staff will take the time to explain how we operate, why we do things a certain way, the functions within the Station and the role of the Station in the community.

Interns are not entitled to employment at the conclusion of the internship. Interns are not entitled to wages for time spent in the internship.

At the specific request of a Station employee, an intern may ride with such employee in a Gray or Station vehicle (excluding news ENG live trucks and satellite trucks). Under no circumstances may an intern operate any motor vehicle owned by Gray or Station, or ride in a news ENG live truck or satellite truck owned by Gray or Station.

Interns must be at least 18 years of age. Prior to acceptance in the Gray Internship Program, you must sign the Internship Agreement as well as comply with Gray’s drug testing policy which includes testing prior to commencement as well as random testing during the term of the internship.

Please complete the following application for internship and return by email to

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Click here for the internship application.

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