Lexington man collects more than 4,500 salt and pepper shakers

Published: Sep. 3, 2020 at 6:11 PM EDT
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LEXINGTON, Va. (WDBJ) - Beneath the flag flying over this quiet home of a World War II and Korea veteran is something remarkable.

Or rather, a lot of somethings: more than 4,500 salt and pepper shakers.

“None of them the same,” said Leroy Watts. “I figure I might have two sets of them the same.”

They fill shelves all through the house – in the former TV room, the living room, and of course, the kitchen.

“We started putting them out there,” he said, pointing out to the rooms around him. “We built these shelves a little at a time.”

To get this many has taken a while.

“Thirty years,” Watts said.

And it all started with shakers shaped like the old Katzenjammer Kids cartoon.

“See that little fella down in the door there,” Watts said, pointing out the smallish figure.

He still hasn’t stopped. No flea market or antique shop is safe, and even the family helps. A brightly colored set was brought back to him by his daughter from Florida.

And while some may do tricks, like one shaped as an elderly couple - the husband sneezes when you shake him, and the wife says “Bless You” - none of them actually holds any salt or pepper.

“I enjoy doing it,” Watts said of his collection. “We enjoy doing it. Yeah, we enjoy doing it.”

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