Forest Elementary School sees return to the classroom

Published: Sep. 8, 2020 at 5:03 PM EDT
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FOREST, Va. (WDBJ) - Some colorful letters outside Forest Elementary School welcomed little minds back Tuesday.

The school is part of the Bedford County system, where elementary kids are back in person five days a week.

“It’s exciting to see the teachers come back and now the students. It’s feeling like a real school," said Lorri Manley, Forest Elementary School principal.

She says the staff has been gearing up for this moment since March.

“Everybody’s kind of pitching in and making sure things are running smoothly, which it has. We’ve had a great day so far," said Manley.

When she says everybody, she means everybody, big and small.

Students learned about social distancing Tuesday. There are even small dots on the floors to help them visualize what it looks like.

“We have lots of little dots on the floor for them to step on. When they went to lunch, they had little dots to step on so they knew how far to be from the person in front of them," said Manley.

But with all these new changes comes missing some traditions.

The school usually has an open house before the year starts where kids can see their classroom and teacher.

They had to miss out on that this year.

“We have an open house every year, Thursday before the first day of school, and that’s when the students come in and find their classroom and they meet their teacher and find their desk. We didn’t get to have that, so when students got out of the car, they walked up the sidewalk and they just stood there," said Manley.

Manley also says the teachers will meet this Thursday.

They’ll discuss what’s been working this week and what can be improved on.

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