Jill Biden rallies Virginia voters during virtual campaign visit

Published: Sep. 14, 2020 at 10:41 PM EDT
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RICHMOND, Va. (WDBJ) - Jill Biden made a virtual visit to Virginia Monday, urging women to throw their full support behind the Democratic ticket.

“Women re-elected Barack Obama and Joe Biden in 2012. Women turned the House of Representatives blue in 2018, especially here in Virginia,” Biden said. “And women are going to choose the course of this nation for years to come.”

The message was clear as other leading Virginia Democrats encouraged Virginians to vote early.

“And I want you to vote early.”

“We need everybody to vote and vote early.”

“I’m going to vote early Friday, the first opportunity I get.”

And Jill Biden, wife of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, hammered it home during the virtual event.

“50 Days. 50 days to make sure our voices are heard. 50 days to make calls and talk to our friends. 50 days to fight like we’ve never fought before for this country that we love so much,” Biden said during the event.

Virginia Tech professor and WDBJ7 political analyst Bob Denton said encouraging Democrats to vote early is part of the Democrats' playbook this year.

“Right now, as far as absentee ballots, it favors the Democrats by a factor of three to one, and half of the Biden voters say they’re going to vote by mail. And they’re going to vote early, compared to less than 20 percent for Trump, so it is a strategy that the Biden campaign is using across the nation,” Denton said.

45 days of no-excuse, early voting begins Friday in Virginia.

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