Two Galax siblings conquer 2,650-mile hike

Published: Sep. 29, 2020 at 6:05 PM EDT
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GALAX, Va. (WDBJ) - Dalton Robinson and Kiaira Ashworth spent the last five months hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, a journey stretching more than 2,650 miles from Mexico’s border all the way to Canada.

“Every day was different, no day was alike because the weather was different, the things we saw were different. If we saw people, that was different. Literally no two days were alike,” said Kiaira Ashworth.

The duo began their hike in April 2020 right at the peak of the coronavirus pandemic.

“So when we left it was peak COVID, it was right at the top of the curve and we were really nervous. It was like really stressful,” said Dalton Robinson.

But Dalton and Kiaira didn’t want to give up. The two found ways to follow all COVID-19 guidelines and even took a different route.

“They were not allowing anyone to enter Canada, so we had to do the Seattle route which adds like 30 miles to your hike,” said Robinson.

The trek took them through the snow, a desert and towns of all sizes. Ashworth says they even gained new friendships along the way.

“We laughed every day. Every day,” said Ashworth.

“We really got time to spend together, like raw time and I think that’s really great and it did nothing but make us stronger."

Ashworth and Robinson says they’re proud to have taken the trip together and hope to do more hikes in the future. To learn more about their journey, visit their Facebook group.

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