Governor Northam says he has recovered from COVID-19

State numbers released after website outage
Published: Oct. 13, 2020 at 10:48 AM EDT
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RICHMOND, Va. (WDBJ) - Governor Northam briefed the commonwealth Tuesday on the status of COVID-19 across the state; it was his first such briefing since he and his wife were diagnosed with the virus last month.

He said he and his wife have been cleared by doctors to leave isolation and are several days removed from symptoms, and have recovered from the virus. He said he was isolated with no contact with other people for 18 days, and 65 staffers were told to quarantine for two weeks after the governor tested positive; he said as far as he has been told, none of those staffers tested positive.

He thanked members of the public for prayers and well wishes sent to him and the first lady. He said the couple’s symptoms were mild, and he considers themselves fortunate.

Regarding word that he may have been targeted by a group accused of targeting Michigan’s governor in a kidnap plot, he said he won’t comment because it is an ongoing criminal investigation. But he said he and his family are not in imminent danger.

“I do want to emphasize that the first lady and I are safe thanks to the measures taken by the executive protection unit, which is staffed by an extensively trained team of Virginia State police personnel and the Virginia Division of the Capital Police,” said Northam.

Northam said Tuesday the COVID numbers in Virginia continue to look good, with the new-case positive percentage continuing to linger below five in the state. He said it’s up to the public to continue to wear masks and practice social distancing.

The Virginia Department of Health is reporting 160,805 total cases of COVID-19 in the commonwealth as of Tuesday, October 13, going back to the beginning of the pandemic in March. That’s up from 159,570 reported Monday, a 1,235-case increase, which is a larger increase than the 854 new cases reported from Sunday to Monday.

The numbers were late being released Tuesday because of an internet fiber cut that affected several state websites.

2,292,562 PCR (polymerase chain reaction) tests have been conducted, with a 4.5 percent positive rate over the last week, the same as the percentage reported Monday.

9,448 of Virginia’s overall cases are considered “probable.”

There are 3,372 recorded coronavirus-related deaths in the commonwealth since the pandemic’s beginning, up from the 3,361 reported Monday.

999 people across Virginia are hospitalized as of Tuesday with confirmed or test-pending cases of COVID-19. That’s up from the 965 reported Monday. 18,657 COVID patients have been released from hospitals in Virginia since the beginning of the pandemic. That’s according to the Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association, which gets a daily report from hospitals around the commonwealth.

These hospital numbers are different from those reported by VDH, which only gathers hospitalization status at the time each case is investigated by VDH, and is an under-representation of Virginia hospitalizations.

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Any new confirmed cases from health departments throughout the state the rest of the day won’t show up until at least the following day on the state list, as the official numbers are only updated once a day, with a 5 p.m. cutoff each day for new cases to be reflected on the next day’s list.

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