Altavista on Track spearheads program to bring more small business to town

Published: Oct. 20, 2020 at 4:57 PM EDT
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ALTAVISTA, Va. (WDBJ) - As small businesses continue to struggle during the pandemic, Altavista on Track has launched a program to open more businesses.

“It’s really a small business incubator where someone can get their feet wet, they can go into the marketplace and they can try it out," said Eduardo Soto, Altavista on Track board president.

Altavista on Track is leading the charge on a business pop-up program.

That program looks to get more small businesses open in downtown Altavista.

The town says it’s an opportunity to show support for the community.

“Not everybody’s gonna get the big 300-, 400-job industry that comes in, so we’re happy to have small businesses and to be there to be supportive of them so that they can build Altavista," said Amie Owens, Altavista assistant town manager.

As a part of that program, up to three businesses will get covered for three months of rent and utilities.

Altavista on Track says the holiday season is the perfect opportunity to get started.

“The push for starting it now was to get someone in there at probably one of the best seasons of the year," said Soto.

The town says the program will help their plan to boost the economy of their downtown area.

Filling buildings will help the town long-term.

“Part of what our economic development strategy has been is to try and have these pop-ups to start out here and then potentially move into some of the vacant buildings downtown," said Owens.

Altavista on Track hopes to do the program every 90 days.

Applications are now open.

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