Virginia Dems weigh in on Barrett’s confirmation to Supreme Court

A handful of Democrats were quick to weigh in on Monday’s historic 52-48 Senate vote.
Barrett confirmed as a supreme court justice in partisan vote
Barrett confirmed as a supreme court justice in partisan vote(Wbko)
Published: Oct. 26, 2020 at 9:53 PM EDT
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RICHMOND, Va. (WDBJ) - Monday’s controversial swearing-in of Justice Amy Coney Barrett was met with a handful of criticism within the Commonwealth.

A handful of Democrats were quick to weigh in on Monday’s historic 52-48 Senate vote.

Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA):

“I voted not to confirm Judge Barrett to the Supreme Court. After declaring the Senate shouldn’t confirm a new justice during an election year in 2016, Senate Republicans have abandoned their own rule so they can ram through their own nominee in hopes she will strike down the Affordable Care Act. I strain to recall ever before witnessing such disdain for precedent, such disrespect for the legacy of an American giant, such disregard for the will of the voters.”

Senator Jennifer McClellan (D-Richmond):

"Justice Amy Coney Barrett had a historically short vetting period, but her record on reproductive rights, LGBTQ rights, climate change and health care is deeply concerning. I thank Senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine for voting against this right-wing power grab.

The impact of a right-wing court for Virginia and the nation could be massive. Virginia has made tremendous progress over the past several years on expanding health care, protecting equal rights, making it easier to vote, and ensuring more Virginians have educational opportunities and opportunities to participate in the economy.

We cannot afford to let the Supreme Court drag us backwards. We must elect Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and a Democratic U.S. Congress on November 3. Then, in Virginia, we need to continue to advance legislation that protects equality, reproductive health, voting rights, and access to affordable, quality health care.

As governor, I will ensure that Virginia remains a beacon of progress, despite a right-wing Supreme Court. I will make it a top priority to pass a constitutional amendment to protect reproductive health, and to pass new laws to further protect LGBTQ+ rights, civil rights, workers' rights, voting rights, clean energy, and access to health care. We must continue to step boldly into the future and protect the rights of all Virginians.”

Former Governor Terry McAuliffe (Dem.):

"This entire confirmation process has been a sham aimed at ripping Americans' access to health care away from them in the middle of a pandemic. Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans have done everything they can - from breaking with precedent to violating their own rules - just to ram this partisan nomination through to achieve their long standing goals of striking down the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and reversing Roe v Wade.

As governor, I fought hard to expand Medicaid under the ACA. And I was a brick wall against Republicans' attack on women’s reproductive freedom - successfully keeping all of Virginia’s women health clinics open. Now with Amy Coney Barrett on the Supreme Court, all of those things are on the line. The stakes in this election have never been higher, we must keep fighting to elect Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and a Democratic Senate to protect Virginians' access to health care, especially for the 3.5 million Virginians with pre-existing conditions who would lose their protection if the ACA is repealed and the millions of women here and across the country whose reproductive freedom must remain a fundamental right."

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