Liberty University senior details job search challenges through pandemic

Published: Oct. 30, 2020 at 6:14 PM EDT
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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ) - The career center is the go-to spot for many college students, including Kelci Rea.

Like many other Liberty University seniors, she’s gearing up for the next steps.

“I definitely have had my challenges over the semester trying to find a job and everything like that," said Rea.

Rea says the coronavirus pandemic has brought its own unique challenges to the table.

Networking with other folks is one of the biggest issues she’s faced.

“We weren’t allowed to be face to face with anybody so all of your connections with people were online. Sometimes you didn’t even get to see their face," said Rea.

Lloyd Pemberton echoes that sentiment.

However, as a career coach with the university, he says taking the virtual route to connect with employers is still an option.

“Since there’s been a lockdown in some areas, that still provides you an opportunity to make connections with people remotely," said Pemberton.

Pemberton says despite the pandemic, more students have been asking for help.

He says the new issues the pandemic has brought has led to that increased demand.

“But certainly with things being a lot more challenging by way of finding jobs, internships, we’ve seen a lot more traffic come through the career center," said Pemberton.

But for Rea, she’s found some relief.

She’ll be walking out of Liberty University with a job ready to go.

And her advice for other seniors?

“Get on the ball now," said Rea.

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