EARLY YEARS: November is National Adoption Month

Local couple shares how they made their forever family through DePaul Community Resources
Published: Nov. 19, 2020 at 5:46 AM EST
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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) - November is National Adoption month.

Here in Virginia, there are about 5,000 children in foster care, with around 700 available for adoption.

Kristina and Beth Hawse love having tea parties and making fun memories with their two adopted daughters, 6-year-old Danielle and 5-year-old Destiny.

The adorable pair are biological sisters who officially became part of the Hawse family in October.

Beth Hawse says, " They fit right in. It’s like they had always been there.”

The couple adopted the girls from DePaul Community Resources, a process that started in January 2019.

They started fostering classes in March, and by May were licensed to become foster parents.

The process was so quick, it even caught them by surprise.

“Like I remember our licensing worker saying it’s almost time for you to be licensed and me freaking out because we didn’t have hair brushes and stuff for kids,” says Kristina Hawse.

Kristina and Beth are now in the process of fostering two brothers, ages 10 and 13, who they also plan to adopt early next year.

“For me, it was a heart thing. As soon as we got the girls, we knew that we would have more kids later on. We just knew,” says Kristina Hawse.

The pair says the support they received from DePaul was unmatched.

As always, the need for foster homes and adoptive families is great.

Around 700 children in Virginia are available for adoption.

DePaul offers full-service adoption services at no cost, thanks to grant funding.

“I would say if there’s any interest, just reach out. There’s definitely a need for families that are willing, and there are kids out there that are just hoping and really clinging to what we’re telling them that permanency is coming. That’s what they truly deserve,” says DePaul adoption specialist Sadie Steele.

Steele says there are all sorts of ways you can make a difference for a child.

“There’s a great need in even sending support, whatever that looks like, whatever you can support, whether that’s financial or sending a small gift basket or whatever that looks like. Support is needed for everyone, especially during these times,” says Steele.

Kristina and Beth say the support they received from DePaul made all the difference in their adoption journey, and made their family possible.

They encourage anyone considering adoption to follow their heart.

“When you open your heart to the need, I promise you that you’ll get more out of it than even they will,” says Beth Hawse.

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