Hometown Holiday Helpers: Angela

Published: Dec. 4, 2020 at 3:59 PM EST
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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) - Sickness hits every family at some point, but for one family in Roanoke, they’re thankful they have someone they can count on who always steps up to help.

That someone is Angela Wallace.

When WDBJ7′s Melissa Gaona told her she won $700 for Hometown Holiday Helpers, she was more touched by the nomination than she was the money.

Fifteen years ago, Angela lost the love of her life and her two daughters lost their hero. Life’s been pretty tough ever since.

“Even going back to when my dad was alive, I wasn’t expecting you to ask me questions, so I’m tearing up a little bit,” said daughter Paula Wallace. “You know, he had a lot of health issues and she was in the hospital a lot when I was growing up, and took care of him and she’s taken care of my great uncle, she’s taken care of my granny.”

Maybe you know someone like Angela, selfless, always thinking of others first never of themselves.

“I took care of my aunt who passed from breast cancer, I took care of my father was also sick the same time my husband was, they passed two months and four days apart the same year, so I took care of my father,” said Angela Wallace. “And I took care of an uncle who passed away, who was on dialysis. I’ve always been the caretaker of the family, and now I’ve got my mom thankfully I still have her but she’s sick, she has stage four COPD.”

Everyone who knows Angela describes her as the superhero in her family. And if you ask her two daughters, she’s the glue that keeps her family together.

“Any plans that you have for the $700?” we asked. “Anything that’s been lingering that you’ve been wanting to take care of or maybe something you’ve been wanting to buy yourself? You know your daughter says you better spend it on you!”

“I know, but my mom does need a new coffee pot,” said Angela. “Hers just went out on her. I will spend some on myself; I don’t know what yet, but I will look around and I’m sure I’ll find something that I want.”

Here’s the great thing about Angela. It was never about the money; she was just thankful someone nominated her for Hometown Holiday Helpers!

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