Hometown Holiday Helpers: Clyde

Hometown Holiday Helpers: Clyde receives nod from Robin Reed
Published: Dec. 14, 2020 at 7:20 PM EST
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BOTETOURT COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ) - Clyde Carwile is a hard-working family man with children in elementary and high school. His wife stays home with their son, who has autism. They have some health struggles, but are doing well in the COVID era, according to Clyde.

“We’ve had really good luck with the COVID-19, nobody’s gotten it, social distancing, wearing masks, things like that. "

As Christmas draws near, the kids have not told Dad what they hope for under the tree. But Mom has a good idea what her present would be. “The kids and spending time with the kids, they’ll be off and won’t have a lot of homework and spending it with them and hanging out at the house and doing some cooking.”

As for Clyde, he is busy with two jobs. His main job is collecting trash in Botetourt County. That’s where his nomination, by his former middle school teacher, for Hometown Holiday Helpers comes in. And now he’s the recipient of a $700 Visa gift card.

While going through his trash route, he spotted an elderly woman lying in her driveway. “That Thursday morning was devastating to me. I mean, you know, she looked at me and it was just grateful that I even came by, and I told her I’ll help you up, whatever you need.”

Clyde continued, “I couldn’t believe it. It just happened for somebody to be coming along through pitch black at 6 in the morning to pick up her trash. Thank God I saw her and got her in her bed, it was cold.”

He carried her inside and gave her the phone so she could call 911. He’s not sure how she is doing, but hopes for the best. Just like he does with all things in life, Clyde is there for his hometown.

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