WATCH: 100,000 turtles hatch on Brazilian beach

Published: Dec. 15, 2020 at 6:19 PM EST
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(Gray News) – Conservationists call it a turtle tsunami.

The Wildlife Conservation Society released a video this week showing tens of thousands of wiggling giant South American river turtle hatchlings breaking out of their shells in recent weeks.

“Approximately 71,000 hatchlings emerged on one day alone, followed by another 21,000 a few days later,” said a release from the WCS.

A tweet from the organization said another 8,000 hatched on Dec. 1.

The WCS Brazil is managing the mass hatchings of the endangered species and protecting the hatching beaches.

“For the giant South America river turtle, birth is an explosion of life, but also it is most fragile phase,” according to Said Camila Ferrara with WCS Brazil.

“In some areas, hatchlings use mass birth to increase their survival. The synchronization of birth allows them to travel together to the river to start a new journey.”

The hatchings took place in the Abufari Biological Reserve.

The giant South American river turtle is the largest freshwater turtle in Latin America, reaching lengths of three and a half feet and weights of 200 pounds.

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