Grown Here at Home: Sisters enjoy canning tradition in Franklin County

Published: Jan. 4, 2021 at 7:39 AM EST
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FRANKLIN CO., Va. (WDBJ) - Joyce Davis and Lisa Witcher are sisters. They’ve been coming to the Glade Hill Cannery in Franklin County all their lives.

“It’s good fellowship,” Lisa said.

“Yep. The atmosphere is good and usually when a lot of our other family members are here, we bring food and it’s just like a family reunion,” Joyce said.

Having lots of helping hands is a good thing! They canned 236 quarts in one day. The sisters say it’s by the grace of God and working together that it all gets done. They say it all starts with the prep work. They started getting all the ingredients ready beforehand to make it easier.

Lisa says, “It’s nothing like having your own food. You know how it’s prepared, what’s in it.

“It should last a good while,” said Joyce.

“Yeah, all year. We have siblings, so we share with the siblings and our parents,” Lisa explained.

Canning is a tradition Joyce and Lisa hope continues.

“I bring all my children. Their ages are from 10 to 19 and my grandchildren,” Lisa said.

“It’s nothing like just being here doing it. It’s hard work, but in the end you get your reward from it, because in the winter time when it gets cold with snow and rain, and you want to open up a can of soup and you don’t want to have to stand over the stove and prepare it, it’s right there! All you’ve got to do is open the can and it’s ready,” said Joyce.

Although canning season is over for the Glade Hill Cannery, come summertime, you know where these sisters will be.

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