Local Jackson Hewitt customer speaks out about missing stimulus check

Published: Jan. 15, 2021 at 7:19 PM EST
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MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ) - Local Jackson Hewitt customers are concerned about their delayed stimulus checks. They are speaking out, wanting answers from the company.

Danielle Denis is one of thousands still missing stimulus checks. She reached out to WDBJ7 wanting answers from the tax preparation company she used, Jackson Hewitt.

“We just want to know why. I’m not only speaking for myself. I’m trying to speak for everybody that’s having the same issue,” said Denis.

The company released a statement saying some of its customers may not get their money until February 1.

Denis says she can’t wait that long, because her family needs the money and could face eviction.

“Bills just kept getting further and further and further behind, and so you know they say if you’re out of work for, what is it, like a week or two. That sets you back almost like two months, so that’s sets you back so far,” said Denis.

She said she tried to reach out to the company but has only received an automated system response.

Denis says she isn’t alone. Thousands in a Facebook group she is a part of say they are dealing with the same issue.

“This is it for everything; it’s just that we’re working tirelessly, and then the chat support is the same thing over and over and you can’t get an option—- see— it just hangs up,” said Denis.

Denis fears with the federal pause on evictions ending in two weeks, she and others could lose their homes.

“What are we supposed to do, because the 31st, that’s not far from now --they are happening like now-- they’ve already begun, just depends on where they live,” said Denis.

She says Jackson Hewitt customers just want to be heard.

We did reach out to Jackson Hewitt and received a response.

They say their customer service team has reached out to her to provide her a personalized update about the situation.

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