Bedford woman takes it ‘a day at a time’ after surviving Christmas Eve car accident

Published: Jan. 18, 2021 at 8:26 PM EST
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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) - ‘Life changing in the blink of an eye’ is over-said, yet true.

“I thought I was ready. We never made it,” said Claire Williams.

Claire Williams is a physical therapist assistant. Right now it’s hard for her to move around much.

“We stopped at 460 on a stoplight at Laymantown Road and someone hit us from behind; he didn’t even stop, he just pushed us through the intersection and actually turned the car around into a 180,” said Williams.

Claire was riding in the backseat, her boyfriend was driving, and her boyfriend’s mom was in the passenger’s seat. Because of the impact, Claire’s injuries are the most severe.

“A skull fracture, most of the bones in my face are broken, had a subdural hematoma and pneumothorax, abdominal bleeding, finger broken, my right foot is broken, and I also have a claivicle fracture,” said Claire.

The couch at her sister’s house has seen the most love since Claire was discharged from Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital, a place she had mixed feelings about.

“It was really nice to be leaving the hospital. Although I was like great, now I have to communicate with people. I can’t just sit in the hospital bed and not talk to people.”

Claire hasn’t lost a bit of her humor. Even in the moments after the impact, before Claire lost consciousness, and before she realized there was more wrong than just an aching mouth.

“I was very unhappy because I was thinking, ‘great this is going to be expensive to get my teeth fixed,’” joked Claire.

Each day, the physical strength improves. The mental strength, she’s always had.

“I mean some days I’m like, ‘oh my god what happened I can’t believe this,’ but for the most part, it’s okay, might as well laugh through it, right?”

Laughter, the best medicine of all.

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