Hometown Mentor: Alleghany Co. music teacher changes lives

Published: Feb. 8, 2021 at 6:27 AM EST
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LOW MOOR, Va. (WDBJ) - The pandemic has changed a lot about how schools in our hometowns operate. But one thing it hasn’t changed is just how important teachers are in student’s lives.

In Alleghany County, one teacher continues making a huge impact on her students.

Amanda Sprouse is a music teacher at Alleghany County High School. She, like so many others, was forced to switch to virtual learning when the pandemic hit. What would be in-person practices and concerts have quickly turned into virtual ones.

“We really have to think outside of the box. The students are having to record themselves individually, which if you’re in a choir, you’re expecting to sing with others and developing voices,” Sprouse said. “They’re really stepping up in ways they’ve never had to before.”

Despite the challenges, Mrs. Sprouse’s students said she is still having a huge impact on them. One student went as far as to say that Mrs. Sprouse is the only reason she has stayed in high school.

Sprouse does much more than just teach notes on a page. For her, teaching is the opportunity to touch student’s lives and provide them a compass to make a difference in their own lives.

Sprouse was nominated to be a WDBJ7 Hometown Mentor because of what she does for her students and community.

Sprouse, a 15-year teacher veteran, said she is looking forward to the day when in-person concerts and musicals return. Until then, she said she continues working towards her end goal.

“I want to touch people so that they will spread that forward, and hopefully do our little part to change the world,” she said.

If you know a teacher, coach or community member making a big difference in kid’s lives, email Josh at jbirch@wdbj7.com or nominate them by clicking the Hometown Mentor tab on our home page.

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