Virginia woman turns 104

‘Grandma has five sets of five generations. One of those being all girls’
Published: Feb. 8, 2021 at 2:09 PM EST
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FISHERSVILLE, Va. (WVIR/Gray News) - A woman in Fishersville, Va., is hitting a remarkable milestone. But it’s happening without the ones she loves most by her side.

Eva Furr is having a different kind of birthday celebration, and her family is doing what they can to make her feel loved on her special day with a card shower, cake, and gifts handed off to staff, and window visits.

“She used to say she’d pray every day that she would live to be 100,” said Furr’s son Elwood Furr.

On Friday she turned 104. She was born in 1917, married, and had seven children, and today she’s a great-great-grandmother.

“Grandma has five sets of five generations. One of those being all girls,” said her granddaughter Tamara Talley-Campbell.

Furr’s lived through several wars and lost children, experienced a technological revolution, and up until two years ago, she lived on her own. Now, she lives in a nursing home.

“It’s been now a year... just about a year since we’ve been able to get in and visit with her to touch her or anything like that,” said Elwood Furr.

But, her life is definitely cause for celebration, made clear by her adoring family.

“Grandma, and grandma’s house ... it was the center,” said Furr’s grandson Terry LaFon. “It was just amazing to be there because there was this true sense of family.”

He says it was often centered around food whether it was her Poor Man’s Spaghetti or meringue pies. “I don’t know if there was anything that she cooked that didn’t taste amazing to me,” said LaFon.

For most of her life, Furr was an avid gardener, but she never learned to drive, and she does not wear pants.

“We never saw Grandma in pants. She did not believe in wearing pants,” said her granddaughter Tamara Talley-Campbell. She says her grandma believed pants were made for men. But, she did have one pair of gauchos. “Because it was very difficult to hold your dress down if you were picking beans when the wind was blowing,” said Talley-Campbell.

Furr has an incredible memory. “Was just blown away at like 102 like who she remembered who she asked... and even details about my life,” said her grandson Kirk LaFon.

And, Furr has lived an active life, dancing at her great granddaughter’s wedding, and helping care for her great-great grandbabies.

“When you went into her apartment before forever every inch of like any type of surface was covered in pictures of her family,” said her great-granddaughter Abby Boxler Arey.

Her family says that is her greatest legacy.

“In all of our different ways we just love grandma deeply and we all have great memories that could fill up a lifetime and I just wish we could be there with her and kiss her and tell her that we love her,” said Terry LaFon.

Furr’s family attributes her 104 years to a healthy diet, active lifestyle, lots of birthdays to remember, and good genes.

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