Lynchburg couple celebrates 75th Valentine’s Day together

Published: Feb. 14, 2021 at 7:19 PM EST
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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ) - A single letter could have been the end for a couple in one hometown, but now decades later, the two are celebrating their 75th Valentine’s Day together.

“Seventy-five years cost a lot of money for Valentine’s flowers,” Charles Seals said.

Dolly and Charles Seals have been exchanging gifts and laughing together for decades.

“That was our senior year prom, no, I guess our junior year prom,” Dolly said.

They met in high school in Haddonfield, New Jersey.

At first Dolly wasn’t too impressed.

“He picked me up from the movie, I sat on a waste basket and you could see the road below, the floorboards,” she said. “So then the romance took off from there.”

They kept their relationship going as Charles geared up to join the Marines and serve overseas.

“She said she would be there when I got home,” he said.

“But then I wrote him a Dear John letter,” Dolly said.

That letter broke them up, but love and unknowing parents pulled them back together.

“His mother didn’t know, I think, that I broke up with him, and asked me to come to dinner, so when he walked in his Marine uniform, I just fell in love again,” Dolly said.

The pair got married in 1949, started a family and now enjoy time with their great grandchild.

Dolly said she’s learned a thing or two in that time.

“It’s a smart woman who lets him think he is boss. That’s what I have done 72 years,” she said.

They said respect and humor are also key for making it through the decades.

“We were two young naïve kids, I had no way to know how things would turn out,” Dolly said. “You never do,” Charles said.

The pair celebrated Valentine’s Day together at their home in The Summit in Lynchburg.

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