EARLY YEARS: More moms turning to midwives to help with birthing process

Only about eight percent of births in the US are attended by midwives.
Published: Feb. 17, 2021 at 5:17 AM EST
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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) - “The history of our profession is often that wise woman in the community who has the skills and to attend these births and be present with women, and it’s developed over centuries.”

So says Rebecca White, one of three Certified Nurse Midwives for Lewis-Gale.

Mostly midwife births are hospital-based these days, with midwives working alongside doctors and nurses during the labor process.

But the care goes well beyond the delivery.

“We are the primary caregiver, so we take care of women from conception all the way up through their birth itself, their labor and then post-partum into their well woman care, as well,” says White.

Kimberly Katerba just had her sixth baby.

Her daughter, Auden, was born eight months ago, with the assistance of a midwife.

“I had an amazing, very calm, beautiful birth and then they also provide a lot of postpartum support, which was really critical and crucial to me,” says Katerba.

Midwives are present for a mom’s annual exams, and help out with issues like birth control.

For moms like Katerba, it’s comforting collaboration.

“It’s a lot like a partnership. Appointments were calm and relaxed and kind of like having a conversation with a friend. They remember my kids’ names and what was going on in my life,” says Katerba.

As for White, serving as a midwife is an opportunity to share a woman’s journey.

“To be able to see that transformation and creation of a family and also a woman and through her life span, and as her identity changes and grows, it’s such a dynamic force and we love being a part of that.”

You can learn more about the LewisGale Midwifery by checking out their Facebook page, LGPMidwifery. You can also call their office, 540-772-3650.

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