Governor Northam visits Charlotte County following devastating winter storms

Published: Feb. 23, 2021 at 5:45 PM EST
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CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ) - Only days after a second ice storm tore through Charlotte County within a week’s time, Governor Ralph Northam stepped into the area to talk with residents.

He first stopped at a local farm before heading to the Virginia Department of Transportation’s Phenix-area headquarters.

There, he spoke briefly with crews about their recent work and about the current situation.

“There are still individuals that since the 13th of February have not had electricity and that’s difficult,” said Northam. “And we feel that pain and so we wanna make sure that these individuals know we’re doing everything that we can to help.”

One of those folks is Marian Bouldin.

She’s relying on a generator that’s costing her hundreds of dollars just so she can have a source of power.

“It’s costing me $750 to fill the tank up 80% and I’m on my second tank,” said Bouldin. “I gotta fill it up again.”

For folks like Bouldin, Northam says he’s working with other organizations to get help delivered.

“We’re working with FEMA, we’ve been communicating with crews from other states who are in Virginia and doing everything they can,” said Northam.

But in the case that more ice storms come in the future, Northam says the two recent storms should be thoroughly reviewed.

He says doing that will help better prepare folks in the future.

“Whether it be VDOT or electric companies or police officers, we need to talk about how it happened or what happened, how we responded to it and what we can do to do better the next time,” said Northam.

Southside Electric Cooperative reported just over 200 county residents without power late Tuesday afternoon.

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