First restored Rustburg Rosenwald building to open within two years

Published: Feb. 25, 2021 at 4:37 PM EST
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RUSTBURG, Va. (WDBJ) - Just off Route 24 in Rustburg sits a site decades old.

Buildings once erected for the education of Black students are undergoing renovations for a new future.

One of these buildings’ former students is Millicent Nash.

“I attended this school in first grade, so it gives me a great pleasure to continue the work that the Campbell County Training School once held,” said Nash.

Nash, who is spearheading the restoration of the site as chairperson of the Campbell County Training School Complex board, says the rooms of the building closest to the road will soon be used for a new purpose.

She says it’ll act as a community center for private and public use.

“Enrichment activities can be held here, and just in general, the community can use this building,” said Nash, adding the building will be complete within two years.

Given the site’s historical significance as a Rosenwald school - which educated Black students in the early 1900s - the mission is also to continue vocational education.

Local companies have jumped in to donate for that cause.

“This group is bringing back the essence of the school, and that’s about building for the future, and that’s about opportunity and advancement, community, the things that were really at the heart of Rosenwald schools,” said Richard Loving, BXW Technologies chief administrative officer. The company donated $30,000 to the project Thursday.

Nash says all that remains at this point is to continue down the path they started on.

“We are moving forward, we’re not stuttering in our steps - we have a plan and we’re working that plan,” said Nash.

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