Christiansburg Police report second impersonation in two weeks

Published: Apr. 2, 2021 at 12:25 PM EDT
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CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. (WDBJ) - Christiansburg Police continue to warn the public about somebody impersonating an officer, after a second incident in as many weeks.

Police say about 8:45 p.m. April 1, a driver was stopped by someone impersonating a police officer on Park Street. The impersonator was driving a black Dodge Charger, same as the first incident, again with a blue light mounted on the dash. The man is described as wearing a black uniform-style shirt and black pants with a yellow-handled Taser on his belt. He did not display a badge.

The victim described him as white, 5′9″ to 6′ tall and about 175 pounds with short hair, square framed glasses and a hat.

During the course of the incident, the impersonator got the driver’s license, with change of address card, and registration. He did not say why the driver was stopped, and would not provide that information when the driver asked. He took the driver’s information back to his car for about five minutes, then approached the driver again and returned the license and registration, but kept the change of address card. He then told the driver to have a nice day and left.

A smiliar incident with a different car was reported on St. Patrick’s Day.

The Christiansburg Police Department says it “conducts regular traffic enforcement and call response using easily-identifiable marked patrol vehicles. The Christiansburg Police Department does have unmarked police vehicles used by detectives and administrative personnel, but unmarked vehicles are not used for regular traffic enforcement operations. Any of our detectives or plain-clothes officers who stop a motorist or pedestrian in the course of duty will always display a badge, provide a reason for the stop and will give their name, badge number and will show credentials upon request.”

Police further say, “If you are being pulled over by an unmarked vehicle or have any questions about the legitimacy of the traffic stop, please call 911 to confirm that a traffic stop is occurring at your location. If possible to do so safely, you should make this call while you are being pulled over. The 911 Center can verify if a traffic stop is happening at your location. If you cannot call in, you should activate your emergency 4-way flashers and drive at normal speed to a well-lit, populated area or to the nearest law enforcement agency before stopping. All local agencies and the Virginia State Police have been made aware of this situation and will understand the actions of motorists who take these precautions.”

Anyone who has additional information about this incident, or similar incidents, is asked to contact Detective Cannon at 540-382-3131.

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