Better Business Bureau: What you should and shouldn’t do with your vaccine card

Published: Apr. 14, 2021 at 4:32 PM EDT
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Once you’re fully vaccinated, what should you do with that little CDC vaccination card?

Well, for starters, the Better Business Bureau of Western Virginia says you shouldn’t be sharing it on social media.

“Well, if you post a picture of your card, there’s a lot of personally identifying information on that card,”said Julie Wheeler, head of the BBB Serving Western Virginia. “It has your name, your birth date, a lot of times it may even have your medical number if you get it from a healthcare facility. As well as the vaccination you received, the dates that you received it. So you’re better just to protect that information.”

Wheeler shared this information on the WDBJ7+ Digital News Desk Wednesday.

Wheeler instead suggests sharing a picture of your “I’m Vaccinated!” sticker or putting a special frame on your profile picture. There are lots of ways, Wheeler said, we can share that we’ve been vaccinated without putting personal information out for someone to take advantage of.

When it comes to best practices for your card, Wheeler said it’s important to keep your original card safe, but to avoid laminating it.

“I wouldn’t recommend getting it laminated at this point,” she said, “just because there may be boosters that are required and if they’re laminated they can’t write on that card. So it makes it a little more difficult. It would be a good idea, just like with your passport, to make a copy and store it in a safe place. You certainly could take a picture with your phone and keep a digital copy as well. It’s not a bad idea as long as you are keeping those devices secure or are putting the additional copy in a safe place.”

If you lose your vaccination card, Wheeler said not to panic.

“Where you were vaccinated has a record so they can produce that record and hopefully even provide you an additional card if you need that,” Wheeler said. “At this point we’re not required to have that card on our person, so I would recommend that you store that card in a safe place. Maybe where you keep other important papers, where you can access it should you need it. But if you have lost your card, contact where you were vaccinated because they are maintaining very detailed records of who was vaccinated.”

Click here for more information from the BBB on best practices for your vaccination card.

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