Fitness centers hosting classes, special offers just for vaccinated residents

A completed vaccination card will score you a free week at Carilion Wellness and mask-less classes at Hustle/Haven
Published: Apr. 30, 2021 at 5:40 PM EDT
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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) - A completed vaccination card not only further protects you from contracting COVID-19, but will also score you a free week of workouts at Carilion Wellness.

The Senior Director of Operations at Carillion Wellness, Julie Moore, says this comes just in time for the facility’s outdoor pool to open Saturday.

“The idea behind it is we really want to promote the public getting vaccinated,” says Moore, who showed me around the Starkey Road facility, where the gymnasium and other racketball rooms have been filled with stationary bikes for their group classes and other strength training machines.

“Recently we were able to increase our class sizes. We went from nine participants to between 19 and 24 participants depending on the class,” adds Moore.

Downtown, the boutique fitness facility Hustle/Haven has begun offering maskless classes with increased capacity for those who show proof of their immunization two weeks after their final dose.

London Ray-Dykstra, the CEO and Founder of Hustle/Haven, says she got the idea from talking to her members and other gym owners.

“Capacity limits had been a hindrance to us as a fitness facility,” she explains. “People are pretty much set where they are so you’re not moving about as much as you would if you were on an open floor in a larger gym.”

Hustle Haven currently requires all guests and instructors to wear a face mask while working out, but for those who are vaccinated, spin classes can go up to 18 people per class, and hot yoga will increase capacity to 11 people.

Members are hoping the new class option will free up space and create shorter waitlists for classes.

“When we did the announcements in class, we had applause, woo-hoo’s, cheers,” tells Ray-Dykstra. “I just get a lot of positive messages. People are so excited.”

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