Grown Here at Home: Homestead Creamery makes switch to A2A2 milk

All of Homestead Creamery’s milk is now produced by cows with the A2A2 gene
Published: May. 3, 2021 at 7:33 AM EDT
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FRANKLIN CO., Va. (WDBJ) - Homestead Creamery is celebrating 20 years in business.

“We love farming. I think every farmer has it in his heart,” said David Bower, owner of Homestead Creamery.

They’re always learning something new.

“Probably 10 years ago we started reading about this A2A2, never heard of it,” Bower explained.

It’s a gene in cows.

“The research has shown that the A2A2 gene is a complete protein link. The thought is that our bodies can more naturally digest that. In fact, it’s the way human milk is. It’s A2A2,” explained Rose Jeter, marketing director for Homestead Creamery.

If you’ve had a hard time digesting milk, this could be for you.

“If they have been diagnosed as lactose-intolerant by a doctor, then this is still going to have some lactose in it, but a lot of people self-diagnose, and this could help them avoid that discomfort,” Jeter said.

As far as the cows go, they’re just cows, and happy ones at that! They’re well cared for. The creamery has a vet and nutritionist that come in on a regular basis.

“We are not doing anything to modify the cow. We’re just testing to see what type of milk she produces. It’s not an invasive test. You just pull some hair and run a DNA test on the hair follicles. It’s very simple and painless,” explained Veterinarian Ray Novak.

“In 2018, we introduced our A2A2 line to the public, and at that time, we turned it loose as a 2% milk,” said Kasey Kohl, president of Homestead Creamery.

In 2019, Homestead Creamery made the switch. All of their cows now have the A2A2 gene.

“The ones that didn’t have it, we just simply sold and bought the ones that had it,” Bower said.

This means all their milk is now A2A2. It’s sourced from six dairies in Franklin County.

“We have an all-natural product, just like it comes from the cow,” Bower said.

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