‘A dream come true.’ God’s Storehouse Soup Kitchen expands

Updated: May. 7, 2021 at 7:21 PM EDT
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GALAX, Va. (WDBJ) - God’s Storehouse Soup Kitchen is seeing a dream come true.

They are moving into a bigger space, but they say it means much more.

Leaders say the new space puts them one step closer to recovering Galax and changing lives forever.

Some call it a healing place or one step closer to #RecoveringGalax.

An old store sitting off Old Town Street may not look like much, but one day it’ll be everything the town needs.

“We are all together; if you can look around you see black and white, drug addicts, police officers, people in depression. All of us are coming together to make our community better,” says DeWitt Cooper, Galax Police Chief and God’s Storehouse board member.

“If we can create this partnership that can go long-term, the benefits to the community are just immeasurable,” said Galax City Manager Keith Barker

With the help of Galax City, God’s Storehouse bought the Old Town Market, with hopes of renovating it into much more.

“We have a couple more grant applications--- we’re going do a million-dollar grant, that’ll be for job creation in the community that will help to renovate this facility. Then we’re also looking at another half million-dollar grant for food programs over the next year to support them as they operate the food bank,” said Barker.

“A place that you can come broken, and people will love you, a place that you can come hungry, and people will feed you a place that you can come looking for answers, and we may not have the answers, but we will help you find it,” said Chief Cooper.

It all started off in a small space in the basement of a church, then over the years, it grew.

“It’s almost unbelievable, the things that we’ll be able to do,” said Kisha Johnson, the executive director of God’s Storehouse.

Along with hosting hot meals 5 nights per week, God’s Storehouse will be able to expand its addiction recovery, food box, Partners In Education (PIE) programs.

“We get the chance to be a part of priceless real estate, because this is going change generations. And there is nothing, nothing better than that,” said Johnson.

In the space, they’ll also be able to start a business incubator, mentor small businesses, and have a culinary training program.

“It makes me feel fearless, because being in this building lets me know there is nothing that you can’t do with a lot of prayer and hard work, and community connection,” said Johnson.

“We are recovering Galax one food box at a time, one addict at a time, one person from poverty at a time. We’re recovering this city, with one act of service at a time, and we all get to be part of it,” said Beth White, a Galax City Council member.

Construction doesn’t start until 2022, but until then they will continue to serve the community in any way they can.

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