Lexington care facility celebrates reopening

Updated: May. 7, 2021 at 5:28 PM EDT
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LEXINGTON, Va. (WDBJ) - “They definitely, definitely are happy to see their families,” said Jaclyn Hostetter, Director of The Mayflower.

It may have been a little chilly on the front porch, but those arriving for the Mothers’ Day brunch brought plenty of warmth with hugs and long awaited welcomes.

“She’s been here since August, right?” said David Mayersky, as he turned to his mother. “You’ve been here since August. And there were several months in which they were pretty much inside.”

“The isolation that was created by COVID was definitely, definitely hard on the residents,” Hostetter explained.

But while there are still some restrictions, families got to enjoy something like a regular brunch together.

“I haven’t gotten to eat with her for probably way over a year,” said Carol Hipes, who was visiting her aunt. “She’s just anxious to get out a little bit.”

“We’ve made it through, hopefully, COVID,” Hostetter said. “We’ve made it through COVID, and are opening back up and getting our families back in the buildings.”

It’s a welcome achievement for Hostetter, who was just named the Mayflower’s Director, but has been there a while.

“I actually joined the AmeriCare Plus team and was hired in the basement of the Mayflower,” she explained.

And of course, it was a chance to celebrate their Moms.

“This is something special,” Hipes said.

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