Salem Red Sox fan excited to be back at ballpark

Updated: May. 11, 2021 at 6:50 PM EDT
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SALEM, Va. (WDBJ) - It would not be baseball without fans. Those fans were ready for Tuesday’s home opener at the Salem Red Sox.

“It is so amazing to be back,” said Melissa Davis. “The field is beautiful and ready for the players. I’m really excited for our home opener. I just can’t wait.”

The Rockbridge County mom and her family have been coming to games since they first moved to Virginia in 2009.

“We fell in love. The stadium is great. It’s a beautiful setting,” Davis said. And when the opportunity came for us to have season tickets we jumped at it.”

Davis and her husband sit at the first base line and not just because it’s a shady spot. “We love being on the first base line because that’s where all the action is,” Davis said. “I mean, you can hear the ball hit the first baseman’s mitt.”

She can also see the umpire, the batter and the home team dugout.

“We can see who’s being pulled up to go to the bullpen and warm-up,” Davis said. “We enjoy seeing their enthusiasm when one of our boys does well.”

Her love of the game started as a little girl.

“My father was a big Washington Senators fan, bless his heart,” Davis said. He taught her everything he knew about baseball including how to keep score.

While the players are on the field, Davis is in the stands with her score book keeping track of every play. “I have the players, their positions, what they do at every bat, how many balls, how many strikes,” Davis said.

When the Salem Red Sox players take the field, Davis takes her seat. “And I put my feet up and I park my book in my lap and I keep score,” Davis said.

She has watched many young players over the years, including Mookie Betts and Bobby Dalbec, develop into major league athletes.

“They’re hungry. They love the game. They’re working hard. They’re learning and changing and growing,” Davis said.

Now Davis is ready to pass the time with America’s favorite pastime.

“I am so excited,” Davis said. “I cannot wait.”

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