Cave Spring High School holds open house, class of 2000 unwraps time capsule

Published: Jul. 31, 2021 at 5:59 PM EDT
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ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ) - Cave Spring High School held its first open house Saturday, giving alumni and the community an inside look of its halls.

This was the first time many say they came back to visit their alma mater after its renovations.

“And it just, I think it’s just a really good feeling to look back on things and just the, the progress of the student body and the actual building itself, or just, you know, gives you a really good feeling,” said Edward Spruell an alumnus of Cave Spring High School.

Spruell was working at the school when the class of 2000 buried a time capsule outside the auditorium 21 years ago. Now they are reliving those memories and had the chance to tour the recently-renovated alma mater.

“We are really excited to see progress taking place and I think the time capsules represent that,” said Spruell.

Teachers and students already moved in last fall. The open house was intended to happen after renovations were done in 2020, but a public celebration had to be postponed due to COVID-19 regulations.

“We had several setbacks; we had several things that happened during this, that, that, you know, put us back to square one. We’d go forward, two steps come back on, you know, and finally, you know, We finished up maybe a year later than normal than we wanted, but it’s beautiful,” said Mike Wray, Cave Spring Magisterial District representative for the Roanoke County School Board.

Members of the public saw the school’s new layout for themselves. It was rebuilt with more windows, wider hallways and a new second floor.

“Well, it’s amazing. I was actually the first class that graduated from this school, in 1968, and I walked across the stage down here and got my diploma,” said Wray.

Sophomore Preston Lonker says even though the school looks a lot different-- it’s still the same Cave Spring.

“It still feels like a spring; I feel like it’s a little more than what it used to be. I mean, now I feel like you look at it, you know, this is, it’s better. It’s more efficient.”

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