Danville’s vice mayor speaks out on city’s low vaccination rates

Published: Aug. 3, 2021 at 10:15 PM EDT
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DANVILLE, Va. (WDBJ) - Disturbed by Danville vaccination rates, as only 39% of the population is fully vaccinated, Vice Mayor and cardiologist Dr. Gary Miller took to Facebook using the movie “Groundhog Day” to describe the way he feels about the lack of vaccination in his city.

“That means there is a large reservoir out there for the new variant to attack,” said Miller.

Miller says he was proud of the city’s initial push to get vaccines in peoples’ arms, but now he feels it’s come to a standstill, regardless of local efforts.

“No question it’s slowed, there was a rush to begin with, everybody was standing in line and fighting to get the vaccine, but those people have gotten the vaccine and now those people who weren’t sure are not opting to get it,” said Miller.

What is even more alarming to Miller is the disregard for wearing a mask that he has seen in public.

“The people who are and aren’t vaccinated aren’t wearing masks and you can’t tell the difference. The governor’s idea was if you have not been vaccinated, wear your mask, but people are not doing it,” said Miller.

He hopes people will either get the shot or wear a mask before things get worse.

“Kids are going back to school soon and I think unfortunately we will see an upswing in children getting affected and that is scary,” said Miller.

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